The gang over at Oddest of the Odd are back at it with a conclusion to their well received live action adaptation of the Silent Hills PT demo. This time the team has put together an entire film for you to follow where as the trailer states, they plan to answer all of your questions!

We first reported on the Silent Hills Live Action 9 months ago and followed up with an interview with the “Oddest of the Odd” team shortly there after. Since the time of our last conversation, they have been hard at work prepping part 2 and from what I’ve seen I’m sure it’s not going to disappoint!

They originally released a trailer for the follow-up film back in May and a sneak peak/behind the scenes trailer back in September. The film was supposed to originally release back in June, but in order to make it the best that it could be they pushed the film’s release back.

From the trailer and the sneak preview you can see that this team aims to please and takes pride in their work.

Garnering attention from some of the top online news outlets, the original PT Demo Live Action has received over 450,000 views and became an instant classic in the gaming fan fiction community.

We hope you’re as satisfied with this conclusion as you were with the original film, these guys are definitely a team to watch out for, they do not disappoint when it comes to providing top quality fan films.


The team has released Silent Hills In Real Life 2!

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