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First off, thank you for joining us and taking your time to browse this site.

The idea for FanFilms.Stream came from browsing the internet and watching many of great fan films and series, but having to search real hard to find the next “good” film, news about Fan Films of quality is sparse and only posted by the big outlets when the films reach a certain threshold.

ATOPRHN / PANTHRO (Thundercats)

In understanding this, I thought to myself “this community needs a voice and an outlet of it’s own in order to get eyes to the great films that are being overlooked.” and with that, I set out to become the voice in question.

Although I am the person behind the site, the hope is that the site serves as a sort of community and we are able to build together in order to bring eyes to these amazing films.

I encourage all Indie/Fan directors to reach out, I would love to converse with you and share your works with the world, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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