What is Fan Films Stream?

Ever sat back and wondered why Fan Films don’t get the coverage they deserve? Why your film isn’t getting traction even though it’s just as good as the next film?
Fan Films Stream plans to be your #1 source for Fan Films, Series, News, Interviews and Reviews, because we believe that without a true community support, great films will go unnoticed.

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Origins of Fan Films

The earliest known fan film is Anderson ‘Our Gang, which was produced in 1926 by a pair of itinerant filmmakers. Shot in Anderson, South Carolina, the short is based on the Our Gang film series; the only known copy resides in the University of South Carolina’s Newsfilm Library. Various amateur filmmakers created their own fan films throughout the ensuing decades, including a teenaged Hugh Hefner, but the technology required to make fan films was a limiting factor until relatively recently. In the 1960s UCLA film student Don Glut filmed a series of short black and white “underground films”, based on adventure and comic book characters from 1940s and 1950s motion picture serials. Around the same time, artist Andy Warhol produced a film called Batman Dracula which could be described as a fan film. But it wasn’t until the 1970s that the popularization of science fiction conventions allowed fans to show their films to the wider fan community.